What is ChileAsiático?



What is ChileAsiatico?


ChileAsiatico is a project that promotes intercultural understanding, where we exchange and share information about East Asian societies and cultures for those Chileans  interested on them.




ChileAsiatico was created by Isabel Cabaña Rojas, who lived in Japan for two and a half years; there she encountered Japanese culture and met people from all over East Asia. That is why ChileAsiatico comes from a personal need of Isabel to look for new means of sharing information and experiences (her own and others), and to be able to communicate interesting topics about these societies in a platform that is both open and accessible.


Our purpose: Intercultural Understanding


Asia is a global center, of great economic prospects, where the second and third economies of the world are located. That is why Chile, since the decade of 2000s, has been addressing its diplomatic and foreign trade missions to this region. TPP (Trans-Pacific Parternship) is one of many examples of the way our country is showing how important it is to have access to this Asia Pacific hub.


Important as it is, the interest on this region is not only commercial, but also cultural. Asia and its ancient histories, combined with its attractive religious diversity, call the attention to those who want to know more about them. However, there is still some ignorance or misunderstanding about these societies which, in a globalized and inescapably interdependent world, is important to mend, in order to be prepared to DIALOGUE in a respectful and informed way.


Consequently, the main purpose of ChileAsiatico is to bring closer Asian cultures and Chileans and, thus, to FOSTER INTERCULTURAL UNDERSTANDING between Chile and these societies, highlighting those important features and topics that can help us to understand them, as the study of their languages, religions, histories, among others.


Thereby, what ChileAsiatico aims to be is a complement to all the other websites from institutions already working on this subject -especially about Asia Pacific-, whose approach is either economic or academic.


Our idea is that we Chileans can keep learning and deepening on topics and countries we are interested in, so as this can have an impact in our daily life, not only in what concerns to Asia (like in the business relationships we want to build with Asian counterparts, in the friendships we start with Chinese or Vietnamese, or in the way we treat Asian immigrants settled in Chile), but in the way we perceive foreign cultures in general.